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Overview of our new cameras and camera solutions, interfaces of the SDK as well as new know-how and technologies.

  • USB3.0 connection – new high speed interface for mini camera family
    • real maximum data transfer rate of 400 MByte/s
    • speed is increased significantly by reducing the frame size
      (Area of Interest, AOI)
  • new USB3.0 mini camera UK31053 with 1,3 MPixel imaging sensor
    • CMOS imaging sensor from e2v with 1/1.8", 5.3µm x 5.3µm
    • full resolution frame rate max. 60 fps, monochrome or color
    • matrix or line camera operation due to single line mode,
      HDR mode, fast triggering after parameter change
    • high light sensitivity and high degree of flexibility:
      - selection between rolling and global shutter
      - fast parallel readout of several measuring windows (multi-AOI)
      - coming soon: increased IR and UV sensitivity

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  • integration of imaging sensors for fast measuring cameras with PCIe or USB3.0
    • Imaging Sensors from viimagic, Sony, e2v, Aptina, Truesense Imaging,
      DALSA, ON Semiconductor, CMOSIS, Hamamatsu, AWAIBA,
      Andanta, NIT, …
    • FPGA performance inside the camera provides complex measurements and image processing in real-time with 200 fps at full resolution
      and up to 7800 fps at reduced resolution (AOI / ROI)
    • real measuring rates / frame rates with HDTV imaging sensor viimagic 9221/2A:
            200 Hz   @ 2048x1080 (full frame resolution)
            350 Hz   @ 1080x1080
             7,8 kHz @ 128x128

  • filter wheel camera system FKS01

    • incl. software solution for automatic image acquisition
    • applicable for long term acquisition
    • for 6 single filters
    • multispectral analysis
  • camera platform PK8000

    • with bidirectional data rate up to 800 MByte/s (sustained)
    • Lattice-FPGA and Blackfin-DSP
    • via PCIe-Interface (cable length up to 7 m)
    • high-performance data transfer for measurement boards,
      laser printing systems and fast logic analyzers
      (USB3.0 camera systems often reach less than 150 MByte/s)
  • grown camera family with Truesense 5,5µm CCD sensors (Kodak KAI)

    • PCIe cameras* PK51xxx Standard, PK52xxx with cooling

    • DVI/HDMI cameras DK51xxx

    • HD-SDI cameras HK57xxx (HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, SDI); control interface RS232 (optional: CAN); 
                                                   standard coaxial cable with length up to 200 m

    *PCIe is PC connection with minimal CPU load and best availability, e.g. live image transmission
       with 14 bit intensity resolution (128 MPixel/s → 256 MByte/s in 16 bit data format)

Camera code ...125 ...135 ...155 ...154 ...165 ...175 ...185 ...195
Sensor type KAI-01150 KAI-01050 KAI-02050 KAI-02150 KAI-04050 KAI-08050 KAI-16050 KAI-29050
Resolution 1280×720 1024×1024 1600×1200 1920×1080 2336×1752 3296×2472 4896×3264 6576×4384
Max. frame rate 138 fps 120 fps 68 fps 64 fps 32 fps 16 fps 8 fps 4 fps
Megapixel 0.9 1 1.9 2.1 4.1 8.1 16 29
Sensor format 1/2" 1/2" 2/3" 2/3" 1" 1.4" 2" 2.7"
Aspect ratio 16:9 1:1 4:3 16:9 4:3 4:3 3:2 3:2


  • HDTV camera HK39078 – robust camera housing with HD-SDI (3G-SDI, SDI)

    • image frame rate 60 fps
    • automatic intelligent brightness control, histogram-based contrast regulation, optimized color quality and fast continuous digital zoom
    • integrated into a special, thermal optimized camera body with optimal, passive cooling to reduce cooling efforts
    • operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C
    • remote control via RS232 / RS485 (CAN optional)
  • ruggedized camera systems – qualified for applications under extreme conditions

  • cooled cameras for increased sensitivity and long term exposure with new body constructions

  • integration and enhancement of quality insurance processes for development and production
    (qualification of products for requirements in medical engineering and for robustness specifications of agricultural machines and similar application areas)

  • optimized color interpolation for high zoom factors at the electronic zoom

  • modern user-friendly camera software ImageCapture-I:

    • video recording with WebM standard
    • new measurement and display tools (e.g. line graph / row graph)
    • false color / pseudo color displaying
    • image analysis tools
    • etc.
  • software integration overall platforms (Windows XP .. Windows 7, 32/64 Bit / Linux)

  • SWIR camera IK1112 (with InGaAs sensor) – also available in ABS mini-camera format (31.4 × 45 × 95 mmł)

  • support of FPGA front-end solution, connected to the PowerPC family MPC85xx of Freescale™ for real-time data recording to hard disk with up to 160 MByte/s hard disk write speed

  • new camera electronics with 16 bit intensity resolution

  • 3D camera applications: Know-how in the fields of generation and preprocessing of stereo image signals with ABS cameras

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